Aid Project RIDS-Durpa

As part of the anniversary expedition 2022

The expedition team of the AACZ has decided this time to associate with the NGO RIDS-Nepal. The funding will help the coming project in the village of Durpa, in the vicinity of the expedition base camp. The goal is to improve living conditions for 60 families.
Your donation will help reach the financial goal!

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Panoramic View of Durpa Village.
  • toilets, smoke free metal stoves and a sand water filter for each house
  • 30 high altitude green houses
  • a malnutrition programme for 15 mothers of small children under 5 years
  • a mother-child programme for 15 mothers of children older than 5 years
  • two new, improved hydro turbines
  • an increased awareness programme and knowledge trainings
  • a programme to follow up on and sustain these projects

Planned duration: july 2022 – june 2024

Context: Durpa is a village at the elevation of 2,984 m in Humla (29° 55’ 07” North; 81°54’24” East), a rural district in the north west of Nepal near the Tibetan border. It is populated by 363 persons (184 men, 179 women) living under harsh conditions on the yield of their meager fields. They collect rare medical and aromatic herbs in the high mountains but can hardly make their living on this income. 45% of them are analphabets. 18% of the children under 5 years of age are severely undernourished. The people of the village, especially the women and the children, suffer from infections, diarrhea (potentially fatal for the children!), skin diseases, asthma, respiratory diseases, cataract and heart conditions.

Costs: CHF 2,117.- for each household, or CHF 350.- per person. The life expectancy of the infrastructure is 15 to 20 years or more on a successful application of the RIDS trainings.

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