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Carbon neutral expedition to Nepal Changla Himal in October 22
Celebrating the 125th anniversary of Akademischer Alpenclub Zürich. 
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The Team

In the back: Manu, Max, David, Hansueli, Charlotte, Stephen, Bruce, Yoann
Middle row: Yannick, Javi, Alexander, Andi, Ven, Ulla, Yannick
Front row: Gedas, Sarah, Felix

Map of the expedition area

Status of map: 22. Sept. 2022 (created on QGIS 3.14 “PI”, contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2021)


Today, we took some time to visit a few places and people. It started with a visit to the RIDS office, meeting with the project coordinator. She described current projects in e.g. the Syada village, and the next project, in Durpa, starting this December. It was a great opportunity to meet the locals, have a peek at their logistics, e.g. stoves ready to be installed. We support the Durpa project and still accept donations!

Thanks to a local connection, the expedition team could visit the Humla District Hospital. We meet the doctor currently in charge and get a tour of the facilities. Due to the shortage of medical supplies and trained medical staff, the hospital can only provide basic medical services. However since 3 years, the c-section can be practiced and helped drastically reduce the rate of child loss at delivery.
Our expedition doctor Sarah Marti could also help by leaving them some of the medical supplies we brought.

Last but not least, we visited Rinzin Phjunjok lama who is running a project on monitoring snowleopards in the upper humla region. With the aid of photo traps they have been able to estimate the number of snow leopards to be around 50 in the area. They also have projects on other local wildlife. The project was awarded the Rolex price in 2021 and was able to fund his project for another two years. See ukali.org.


Arrival in Simikot! We filled a propeller plane twice, with luggages strapped to the seats. Views from the windows where stunning, with us flying at low altitude, close to the hills. Depicted is the landing strip, where we are making sure all luggages made the trip with us.

Simikot street view. A typical street and some inhabitants. Simikot (2980m) is the district capital of Humla, and the departure point for our trek to base camp (approx. 5000m).


Shopping day in Kathmandu. This was a bigger exercise involving quite a few people. As you can see, food for 19 hungry mountaineers fills some shopping carts.


It was a special concern of the expedition team to return more to Nepal than just what you spend in the country during the expedition. Sarah Marti established the contact to Ek Ek Paila and today, the team had the opportunity to visit the community health center of Ek Ek Paila. In a fund raising activity, the expedition team members managed to raise a total of more than 16’000Fr from their own money and largely supported by AACZ club members and friends. We feel very happy to support the valuable work of Ek Ek Paila.


Happy faces when presenting the permit. In the meantime, the whole team has arrived in Kathmandu and is fully engaged in the final preparation steps before departing to Simikot.


Yannick W, Christian, Javi, and Max are departing from Zurich.


Manuel and his wife are already exploring the region. The picture on the right shows Langtang Himal. The most visible peak at the center is Lakpa dorje. Right behind is Shishapangma, the 14th highest mountain in the world (8’027m).


A few more days to go until departure….
There is quite a bit of logistics involved when 19 members of the expedition team are traveling to Nepal. While some are still getting ready to leave from Switzerland, others like Manuel have arrived already at Kathmandu.

The picture shows Pasupatinath, a major hindu temple, located near Kathmandu.