Anniversary Expedition 125 years AACZ

Postponed by one year due to the Corona Pandemic, in 2022 the AACZ follows up on a long tradition of club expeditions.

The AACZ was founded in 1896 and celebrates its 125th anniversary in June 2021. On the occasion of this event, we want to continue our tradition, and will support an expedition to the Changla Himal range in West Nepal.

Medical Aid Project

More details about the medical aid project can be found here.

The expedition team on 03.07.2021 (from left): Cyrill, Sarah, Andi, Javi, Charlotte, Hansueli, Alex, Ulla, Franz, Max, Alessandro und Bruce. Martin and Gedas are missing on the picture.
  • Bruce Normand (Leader)
  • Andi Frank (Leader)
  • Alessandro Manfrin
  • Alexander Skawran
  • Charlotte Steinmeier
  • Cyrill Boesch
  • Franz Friebel
  • Gedas Simutis
  • Hansueli Jud
  • Javier Alegria
  • Martin Platteschor
  • Max Brunner
  • Sarah Marti (Doctor and Medical Aid Project)
  • Ulla Heikkilä

The expedition is provisionally scheduled from 24. Sep. until 30. Oct. 2022 giving the team a total of five weeks for traveling, acclimatization and climbing.
Due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, and particularly the current crisis affecting India and Nepal, dates and timing remain unpredictable.


The region of Changla Himal is located in far West Nepal on the border to China. Getting there requires an intercontinental flight to Kathmandu and then a domestic flight from Nepalganj to the regional center of Simikot, which remains inaccessible by road. The last section to the Base Camp is a multi-day trek using pack animals.


It is a matter of utmost concern to the club and the participants that the whole expedition is conducted in a way that is as environmentally friendly and socially aware as possible. To achieve a measure of sustainability, the CO2 cost of all flights and transport will be doubly offset. On the social side, we have established a medical aid project for the citizens of West Nepal: working through the NGO Ek Ek Paila, which was established by volunteer doctors after the 2015 earthquake, we will donate medicines and equipment, and for our flagship project we aim to raise 12’500 CHF to restore the sight of 125 people suffering from cataracts.
As of end of 2021 we are happy to announce that this goal has been already overachieved. Due to the generous support of club members, friends and participants of the expedition we were able to collect 16’350 CHF for Ek Ek Paila. A big THANK YOU to all supporters!

The total budget is 70’000 CHF of which 40’000 CHF will enter the the Nepalese economy directly. The expedition team is very grateful to the AACZ for its support of 50’000 CHF.


The team consists of a combination of first-time expedition participants with highly experienced members; the mountains of the Changla Himal offer huge potential for exploratory and alpine-style mountaineering at all skill levels.