Family Climbing at Mettmenalp

An “easy” climbing Sunday in Mettmen-Widerstein

Since the 2021 family climbing day at Ibergeregg was a great success, we repeated the event on July 3rd 2022. The idea is simple: Kids are more motivated when climbing together or they just play together while adults climb. Among the multiple possibilities, less than 2 hours away from Zürich, the Widerstein climbing garden (Mettmen GL) is one of the outstanding places fulfilling all requirements: easy approach, nice kids-friendly spot and a very wide range of climbing grades. On Sunday, July 3rd, 4 children and 7 adults head to the Widerstein climbing garden. First on the cable car, then along the Garichtisee and finally a “very challenging” hike (200m ascent) where our 4 mini-climbers complained a few times about the roughness of mountaineering. The hot temperatures we’re facing don’t help to ease up the climb.

Three rope teams are established: Christian Läubli, Hansi and Anna on the first one; the Howald family on the second; and the Moreno family on the third one. The day is rich in experiences: Amélie fighting to lose fears during descents, Almudena learning rappelling and lead climbing, Hansi recovering trust on his knee, etc… At the end of the afternoon, the only limit is imposed by the heat and the sunny southern walls. The conclusion is thus conditioned by the hot day: a quick and fresh bath on the lake or/and a beer in the Berghotel Mettmen are the perfect wrap-up for the day.

Text: Diego Moreno