125 summits to celebrate 125 years! Our streamer event in 2021

In 2021, the AACZ celebrated its 125th anniversary. To celebrate this event, we climbed 125 summits together.

The teams organized themselves, chose the mountains and routes on their own, and of course climbed all summits without guides.

The selection included easy ski tours as well as challenging mixed climbing trips and north faces. Lower altitude mountains were climbed and visited as well as high summits such as Mont Blanc or Dom. 

Younger members who are students or doctoral students and older club members were both represented in the teams.

Short tour descriptions and all summit pictures can be viewed here.

One of the summits has even been climbed on a new route resulting in an officially documented first ascent. On Dec. 18th a team consisting of Franz Friebel, James O’Sullivan and Robert Waddy climbed “Akademikerweg” AD+, M3, 370m at Rigi-Hochflue North Face.

In 2022, we will continue climbing as many mountains as possible and will collect and share the summit pictures with other club members.

Below is a small selection of summits. The full report will be published in the next Jahresbericht.