Anniversary Expedition: Preparation – Medical Day

Anniversary Expedition: Preparation – Medical Day

Saturday, 03. July, the Expedition Team met actually for the first time the whole time physically to discuss any kind of medical topics related to an High-Altitude Expedition. Dr. Sarah Marti and Franz Friebel prepared a comprehensive program an invited several speakers. A big Thank You for preparing this event!

The day started with Franz Friebel talking about “Wehwehchen” or minor complaints, respectively. Such topics are often underestimated. However, even a sunburn, blisters, or diarrhea can prevent a mountaineer from reaching the summit.

Then we went outside to learn about immediate measures to be taken in a crisis situation. Emanuel Coradi introduced the team into this topic. After that, teams were built and a BLS training was conducted.

After the lunch break Nina Durisch presented important topics related to infections, vaccination and of course, also the current COVID situation was intensively discussed.

In the final presentation Urs Hefti talked about high-altitude medical topics like acclimatization, the main differences between high-altitude mountaineering and normal, classic, mountaineering in the Alps, altitude sickness, coldness, frostbite and how to deal with crisis situations and the limited capacities oneself has at high altitudes.

Additionally the team had a lot of questions related to the optimum training (it’s a HIT!), oxygen saturation, acclimatization and prevention of frostbite.

Overall, the team had a fantastic day together, learned a lot and, as said, due to the overall pandemic situation, it was actually the first time, having the whole team phyiscally united in one location.

Thanks again for the very well prepared workshop and the enthusiastic speakers!